Jun 2, 2013

New Fan Pictures of Kristen at Max Thieriot's Wedding

alexiloo22: My dad & step mom partying with Kristen Stewart at Max Thieriot's wedding.

mrs_kelsey_bieber: OMGEEEE DEAR KRISTEN, thank you so much for last night I had so much fun with you. from dancing to teaching us dance moves with John talking to you was amazing and you are the sweetest person. thank you for the pictures and everything you did with and for us it means the world to me. I am still just so shocked that you hung out with us, you are beautiful, sweet, skinny like crazy, and a very good role model and I look up to you 100% of the time. I am so sorry if you saw us staring at you it's just we are huge fans and you are amazingly beautiful in every way. tell John I said hi. I miss you hopefully I see you soon. love you. Shes my brothers best friend I just met her. she's the sweetest person and she's absolutely beautiful and an amazing dancer

Havannamartina: My new bestie... Be jealous bitchezzzz! My girl Kristen Stewart!  

Max and Kristen worked together in Catch That Kid. Ruth and John were at the wedding as well. Ruth is also Max's publicist.  

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